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Chuan Lee Technical Trading
18, Jalan Mj 57,
Taman Merdeka Jaya,
75350 Batu Berendam,
Melaka, Malaysia.
+6011-5507 9768 (Tey)
+6016-581 0609 (Kelvin Lee)


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CL-1096 Hot Glue Gun Kecil Bersuis

CL-1095 Hot Glue Gun Kecil

CL-1094 Hot Glue Gun Besar

CL-1089 Set Rechargeable Battery (8pcs AA & 4pcs AAA)

RM 22.00Add to CartRM 17.60Add to CartRM 25.30Add to CartRM 75.00Add to Cart

CL-1088 Pemegang Bateri 8AA 12 volt Bersuis

CL-1087 Pemegang Bateri 8AA 12 volt

CL-1086 Pemegang Bateri Bersuis 1.5V (Microbit)

CL-1085 Pemegang Bateri AA Bersuis Pisau & Berwayar

RM 3.85Add to CartRM 3.10Add to CartRM 2.00Add to CartRM 1.35Add to Cart

CL-1084 Pemegang Bateri Saiz 2D

CL-1083 Pemegang Bateri 4AA 6 volt Bersoket (Microbit)

CL-1082 Pemegang Bateri 1.5V (Saiz 4AA)

CL-1081 Pemegang Bateri 1.5V (Saiz 3AA)

RM 3.30Add to CartRM 2.75Add to CartRM 66.00Add to CartRM 55.00Add to Cart

CL-1080 Pemegang Bateri 1.5V Saiz 2AA Putih

CL-1079 Pemagang Bateri 1.5V Saiz 2AA (50Unit)

CL-1078 Pemegang Bateri 1.5V Saiz 1AA (50Unit)

CL-1077 Pemegang Bateri (Saiz 9V)

RM 1.10Add to CartRM 33.00Add to CartRM 27.50Add to CartRM 1.65Add to Cart

CL-1076 Penyambung Bateri 9V

CL-1075 Penyambung Bateri 9 Volt Bersoket

CL-1074 Battery Casing (8AA)

CL-1073 Bateri AAA Kinglong (40pcs)

RM 0.35Add to CartRM 1.30Add to CartRM 13.20Add to CartRM 26.40Add to Cart

CL-1072 Bateri Saiz AA Kingever 1.5V (40 Unit)

CL-1071 Bateri 9 Volt Kingever (10 Unit)

CL-1070 Bateri Saiz AA Panasonic (4 Unit)

CL-1069 Bateri 9 Volt Panasonic

RM 28.60Add to CartRM 26.40Add to CartRM 8.80Add to CartRM 9.35Add to Cart
97 - 120 of 121

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